The Greek Peak Ski Club is a non-profit organization housed on the premises of  Greek Peak Mountain Resort. We are, however, a separate corporation, governed by our Constitution and Bylaws. A President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Board of Directors are elected from the membership at the Spring general membership meeting.

The club operates at a cost to the member below break even, and makes up the difference through fund raisers. The most important fund raiser is our annual Swap Sale, and each parent is required to work two days at this event.

Our philosophy for the children is simple: we want them to become better skiers while having FUN!

Our goals:

  • Make skiing a life long sport
  • Develop the skiing abilities of our young athletes
  • Provide quality alpine race training and racing experiences
  • Have FUN!

We meet our goals by hiring quality coaches. Each age group has 1-4 coaches leading them.  Each age group has a different practice schedule. As racers get older, they train more days each week.  New racers will enter at the group appropriate to their age. All levels are age based, not based on prior club participation.

To see your child’s winter training schedule at a glance, and to learn more about the program details, please view the training schedule at right.