Clean Clubhouse

Keeping the Clubhouse clean is the daily responsibility of every club member. IF YOU MAKE A MESS – CLEAN IT UP! Parents AND KIDS must understand that they need to clean up any mess they make, e.g. at lunchtime, and keep ski bags and other equipment off the floor, either in lockers or on the shelves in the upper clubhouse. This will keep the scheduled cleanup duties manageable for those whose turn it is to do them.

Cleanup duties are shared each day by two families. Every family must do cleanup at least once each season. If you cannot make your scheduled clean-up date, please contact another member of the club or Eric Guba to switch with you.

To sign up for cleanup , please visit here to select a day that works for you.


  • General cleanup of trash that is lying around, in both the upper and lower clubhouse
  • Vacuum both lodges and coaches area
  • Clean bathroom in lower clubhouse, including toilet and sink. Mop floor with Swiffer wet cloths. Replace paper products as needed. Extra toilet paper is located in the corner next to locker #38.
  • Clean the windows in each lodge with Windex
  • Wipe the tables in the upper clubhouse with cleaner, clear off benches
  • Clean the inside of all 3 microwaves with cleaner/wipes
  • Empty trash from both clubhouses and bathroom and empty recycling containers. Take trash and recycling bags down to the trash location behind the Taverna. Replace plastic bags in garbage cans
  • If you use the last of something (paper towels, garbage bags, vacuum cleaner bags, cleaners, toilet paper, etc.), leave a note on the dry erase board or contact Bob Talda so that he can replenish the supplies.
  • Turn down the heat
  • Turn off the lights
  • Lock the doors