Race Day Jobs

The following is a list of job descriptions for race day volunteers:

Start Referee
Oversees the Start area of the race. The Start Referee is responsible for assuring that each competitor receives a fair start. *Requires USSA Certification*
Finish Referee
Oversees the Finish area of the race. This person is approached by racers if a rerun is to be considered. *Requires USSA Certification*
In start shack, sends racers, is in constant communication with finish, checks start wand and communication before the race.
Assistant Starter
Lines up racers for Starter; assures smooth flow of racers; for races on Odyssey must keep a corridor open for public have access to Olympian.
Midway Station
Reports when course is clear (for Odyssey races)
Hand Timers & Recorders
There is one person at the start and one at the finish. Times are recorded as the racer crosses the start and finish respectively. This is very important, as these times serve as back-up for our electronic timing.
Chief Gatekeeper
Numbers gates, organizes gatekeepers and places them in position, collects gatekeeper cards after each run and brings them to the finish.
One of the most important positions on the hill. You will be given a section of gates and be asked to make sure that the racer has “rounded” or passed through each gate correctly. You are required to keep track of the racers, and if a fault occurs (not passing through the gate correctly), then you must draw a diagram of the fault that occurred. You’ll have training, and be required to watch an instructional video (available online on the NYSSRA site)
Course Maintenance
Helps maintain course, replace gates, reports to Chief of Course to assist with all course-related tasks. This involves slipping the course and keeping the track smooth. (Several people needed)
Announces the times of racers. This person is in the timing shack and must listen for the time, and announce the time over the PA system. The announcer also announces the racer’s state and home hill when they start. This job is a perfect indoor opportunity for someone with a great announcing voice!
Prepares scoresheet the night before or early the morning of the race (Race Administrator provides racer list). Writes times on large sheet near finish
This is an early morning, very fast paced opportunity. You give the racers their bibs, tickets and a run order.
Bib Collector
Collects bibs at finish of race
Supply and distribute post-race refreshments; sometimes soup for gatekeepers
Parent Tickets
Sells tickets to racer parents
Coach Tickets
Distributes tickets to coaches,