Pole Buyer’s Guide

Use the following picture1 as a general guide for pole sizing. Be sure the forearm is parallel to the ground when measured. The actual length that works best will vary from skier to skier.

1Permission granted by author

Race specific poles are not required for racing at the younger levels. If your racer needs or prefers to use race poles, here are a few tips.

  • This general sizing technique can be used for slalom poles. As SL is a technical event where poling is critical, picking the correct size poles is very important.
  • Poles that are used for the faster events (i.e. GS and SG) should be the next size longer than what’s shown. The primary use of poles in these events is during the push off at the starting gate. GS poles that are too short will impede their start time. (they start working on that in J4).